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We offer a range of services to K-12 schools. Our team of experts consult schools on anything from grant development and business sponsorships to programmatic implementation and evaluation. Our team includes educators, grant writers, engineers, designers, strategists and other professionals with years of experience working to improve systems and maximize growth.

We believe schools should be a community hub for knowledge exchange between students, teachers, staff, parents and community partners. Our job is to create a safespace and curate the right partners for this community hub to exist for our schools and communities. As we know,  our world is changing fast and for us we know it will take an entire village to prepare our students today for their world tomorrow.

So, let’s join forces and see how we can best serve the needs of your school and community, because when we work together, the possibilities are unlimited.

Most times, we’ve noticed that schools focus on what they don’t have, instead our job is to focus in on what you do. Your school has a wealth of assets, resources and ideas to grow, but we just have to build an inventory of all of them and activate them.

So that is what we do with you. We begin with a “Possibility Assessment” with a core group of school leaders, teachers, students, parents and community partners to learn what is possible for your school. What untapped or hidden talents exist? What untried projects are waiting to be explored? Which unseen student is ready to lead their own learning?

Through our assessment, we create a “Possibility Plan” that will equip your school leaders and teachers with a road map to create community, innovate new ideas and solve real world problems to foster a deeper learning environment and experience for students.

We know educators have the toughest job in the world and they can’t do this work alone. So we curate the right partners for schools to activate them on our mobile application, Teach X.  At your fingertips, we provide hundreds of expert professionals, philanthropists, college volunteers and community leaders, as “helpers”, that can help you bring that dream project to life, tutor your students or help plan a field trip with you.

We ensure our “helpers” meet and complete our rigorous safety check standards  through our on-boarding process and that they are prepared to offer instructional or administrative support.  Now, all you have to do is join us to unlock the unlimited potential of your teachers, students and your school.