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#TIGT and it's the founder's, Monique Nunnally's birthday and for this we are celebrating the spirit of giving. TBG will be collecting gifts and raising money to help families in need for the holiday season. If you are looking for a way to give back and support families in need this holiday season ( and tax deduction), please be sure to give whatever you can this holiday season for families who need you the most. Your donation will go to three families in Atlanta.
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Family One

This family has three children.  The daughter is a high school student.  She is a wonderful A/B student who has a keen interest in Art and Design. Lets spark our young creative!

  • 15 year old girl, Size 18, XL Top, Art Interest
  • 1 year old boy, 18M – 2T
  • 14 year old boy 38M, XXL Men

Family Two

This family of three (single mom) has had a tough year.  They have spent time in a shelter and need us to shelter them for the holidays

  • 15 year old girl, 7/8 women, Small Top, loves music and writing
  • 16 year old girl, 10/11 Women Medium Top, lover music, art and social activism

Family Three

This family of three (single dad) has had a tough year.  As a result of an injury, the father is unemployed.  But, we can make sure they still have a memorable holiday!

  • 9th grader, 10M shoe size, top small, bottom small/medium, loves sports
  • 10th grader, Top Medium, loves sports

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