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We are a collective ecosystem of thinkers, doers and makers that partner with schools to create the next generation of thinkers, doers and makers.


Resource Development

Develop quality programming and fundraising efforts to enhance student outcomes

Strategic Partnerships

Build strategic community partnerships to enhance student achievement & success

Technology Solution

Leverage online marketplace to connect schools to industry professionals

Event Planning

Coordinate & plan community events, field trips and activities

Experiential Learning

Provide hands on experiences, apprenticeships and internships for students

Research & Evaluation

Research best practices, support implementation and evaluation of new models for student achievement

Inspire Future Leaders

Research has shown that the greatest in-school indicator of student achievement is access to quality educators. However, schools in high poverty and high minority communities are less likely to have quality educators because a great deal of them leave the profession. However, we believe, teachers can't do it alone. It takes a village to raise a child year round. Through our “community-as-curriculum” model, schools are not isolated buildings where kids learn from books, but an open dynamic space for the entire community to teach and learn from one another. As more community members step into our classrooms, build relationships with our teachers and help our students, the more our schools will be transformed into community hubs that will sustain educators and cultivate the next generation of change agents and leaders.

Our Bizzie Team

We work hard to curate a community of experts for our schools. Here are our worker bees.

  • Troy Nunnally, Ph.D

    Chief Tech Officer

  • Monique Nunnally


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